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May 28, 2012

Posts That I’ve Read Today, 5/28/2012

I usually link posts I find worth sharing separately on facebook, but to try to reduce the facebook spam this causes I thought I’d try compiling them in a single post, in the style of Mike the Mad Biologist. For what it’s worth, I read the entirety of any post to which I link.

Mike Huckabee calls opponents “morally repugnant political whores,” then denies. H/T Mano Singham

A Realistic View of Deficit Spending

I worked for Reagan and wrote for National Review. But the new hysterical right cares nothing for truth or dignity.” H/T Ed Brayton

Opposition to gay marriage has hit a new low among Americans, weeks after President Barack Obama announced his support for it, according to a new poll Wednesday.”

Tomorrow, I attempt to get back to research.

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