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August 21, 2012

The GOP and their horrible priorities

This author better illustrates my previous post.

August 21, 2012

A message for anyone who’s thinking about voting Republican

To anyone who is thinking about voting for Romney/Ryan, or any other Republican this season, largely on their economic plans and rhetoric on fiscal responsibility and without regard to their other policy stances, I have a message for you:

Wake the hell up.

To have an idea of what will really happen if Republicans win a majority of the contests this year, we need only look back to the midterm elections only two short years ago. The “Tea Party-backed Republicans who stormed into the House and into state legislatures around the country promised to focus on jobs and fiscal responsibility,” much like they are doing this year. But once elected into office, their true MO becomes clear:

1. Attacking abortion and women’s rights

2. Attacking evolution and trying to push religion back into schools

3. Attacking Obamacare and the very notion of cheaper health care for everyone

4. Attacking gay rights and same-sex marriage

5. Disenfranchising as many voters as possible using voter id laws, specifically to win elections

Absolutely none of this has anything to do with job growth and economic recovery. In fact, pushing these policies often comes at the expense of the more pressing economic problems we face.

The point is this: the modern day GOP has no other way to grasp the more general class of voters needed to win elections than by focusing on the poor economy. But all their other agendas often go against the majority of these voters. Somehow, they’re able to convince people that if you vote for them on this one issue, then they’ll be fine with not pressing all these other issues that would make them look bad. They’re trying to do it again this term, and if it works, it’s going to result in the same bullshit.

Don’t let them keep winning with this strategy.

June 8, 2012

GOP tearing itself apart

LA GOP Convention Descends Into Chaos, Violence

Several supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) sustained injuries while being arrested during the Louisiana Republican Party’s state convention over the weekend, in a conflict that engulfed the meeting after Paul’s supporters overwhelmed other delegates and voted in new leadership, only to be ignored.

So now there are two entirely different sets of delegates, one selected by the Ron Paul alternative convention and one selected by the regular convention, and there’s going to be a big fight over which ones will actually represent the party in Tampa. A similar problem is going on in Nevada, where the RNC has threatened to block the entire state delegation from the national convention after Paul supporters took it over.

I think overall, the best thing for American politics would be to abolish the two-party system. It’s just ludicrous to think that two parties is sufficient to best represent such a wide range of people that we have in this country, and only serves to divide us in purely-artificial ways. Of course, the two parties are the only ones who could make such a change, so it’s just as ludicrous to think that it would ever happen in our lifetimes. Still, this story goes to show that it is something this country desperately needs.

And no, I do not think bi-partisan politics is the same thing.

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