Why calling Obamacare a sin makes you a moron.

Rick Santorum claims Obamacare is a sin.

This is why “Former Presidential Candidate” and moron are unfortunately not mutually exclusive.

I’m pretty sure there aren’t any bible verses that say that paying for your employees’ contraception is a sin.

Providing your employees with contraception is not an “assault on the freedom of religion,” an Santorum calls it, because ultimately, you still do not have to use contraception if you feel that it is against your religion.

In actuality, not providing your employees with contraception because it depends on your religion and not theirs actually is an assault on the freedom of religion. Their freedom.

Here’s the main problem with Santorum or the Catholic Church saying that allowing people to use contraception is a sin:

Data shows that 98 percent of Catholic women who have had sex and are of child-bearing age have used an artificial method of contraception that is against the teachings of the church.”

Banning something that your followers already regularly do is kinda stupid. It probably has to do with the fact that, you’re only making them choose between a hypothetical, ambiguously immoral, intangible punishment like a “sin” and real, quantifiable outcomes, like the costs of STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

This is why it feels like the Catholic church’s own rhetoric and efforts to undermine contraception, women’s rights, and homosexuality are doing more to drive away their parishioners than anything else.

Here’s a tip when you’re trying to portray yourselves as moral paragons: don’t be idiots.


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