Would the Delhi public charter school have kicked out the Virgin Mary?

“A public charter school in Louisiana is getting national attention for requiring female students to take pregnancy tests if they are suspected of being pregnant and, if they are, forcing them to leave school.”

I know I’m late to the game on this story, but I just want to point out something that few people actually point out.

Let’s put aside the fact that schools should do everything in their power to make sure pregnant teens actually stay in school and get a decent education.
Let’s also put aside how unconstitutional or illegal the policy might be.
I want to know one thing: What was the reason behind the policy in the first place?

My guess is: It is primarily meant to deter teen sex by punishing those who are caught or suspected. The easiest way to tell is when a girl is pregnant.

Let’s put aside how ineffective and illogical such a policy is.

If that is indeed the case, shouldn’t they also kick out the boys who got the girls pregnant? Obviously, there are not the same telltale signs that girls have, so the school would have no recourse except some sort of invasive test. Paternity test, or polygraph come to mind as the most relevant. In either case, the school is bound to get into invasion of privacy trouble. Then again, pregnancy tests would also qualify, so the school has already set the precedent that invasive testing is on the table. And it seems to me, that’s the only way that the policy could ever be seen as anything except discriminatory against the young women.

Unless they think these girls conceived on their own. Which brings up my next point.

If it’s partly religiously motivated, and I feel like that probably had something to do with it, would the Delhi Charter School have kicked out the Virgin Mary? According to the biblical account, she would have been twelve at the time, so she fits the criteria. So they would kick her out, too, right? I wonder how Christians will treat that realization.


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